What a bad job the unwanted guest is

Dear Feltri, the other night you dealt a masterly blow to that circle of ignorant idiots. “I'm pissed off and I'm leaving.” Good boy! You were a true Eupatris! I remind you that …

What a bad job the unwanted guest is

Dear Feltri,

the other night you dealt a masterly blow to that circle of ignorant idiots. “I'm pissed off and I'm leaving.” Good boy! You were a true Eupatris! I remind you that the X MAS is on the list of gold medals at the Quirinale. This was the answer to give to those two poor ignorant people hired by Berlinguerra. You can't talk to those who don't know history. So what should we say about the Bersaglieri who attacked the capital of Christianity from the breach at Porta Pia? And what about Garibaldi who attacked the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies? Was he also a Fascist? For Mrs. Rita Dalla Chiesa, who claims to have been born and raised among the military, let's go to August 1943. In Fregene, in a small villa near the sea, lived Colonel Ettore Muti (hero since the first war), in company

of a beautiful woman. The head of the government, General Badoglio, gave the Carabinieri, whom he alone trusted, the task of picking him up. During the transfer, shots were heard. Ettore Muti was killed. He had a hole in the back of his head. The autopsy was not recorded. Then the government, with all the soldiers who observed the most discreet silence, fled to Ortona and embarked for Brindisi, leaving poor General Caviglia in Rome to manage the post-escape without orders. Thus the entire Army that was in the occupied areas fell apart. See the massacre in Kefalonia, with the Acqui Division being shot and attacked by Tito's partisans on all the departments that were in Yugoslavia. It was the departments of the

You see, dear Feltri, we can't argue

with those who are ignorant like those who frequent Comrade Berlinguer. I had a lawyer cousin who told me this Roman proverb: “It's better to work for those who don't pay you than to talk to those who don't understand you.” Please accept this note of mine as a sign of sympathy and respect from a 93 year old man who passed through Val Brembana and Valtellina for work when La Vizzola still existed.

Ludovico Ricci

Dear Ludovico,

It is with immense pleasure that I read your letter. The wisdom gained with age – and I know you can understand me – leads me to abandon the field when the idiots become the majority. What is the point of fighting to affirm an opinion, or a principle, which will still be distorted, misinterpreted, exploited and used against those who express it? In short, the exercise of freedom of expression should not cost us effort, not in a civilized and democratic country. Instead, it happens more and more often that, due to the dictatorship of political correctness to which everyone has submitted in order to be considered “good people”, those who do not think like the majority are insolent, mocked, attacked without being given the chance to explain themselves. . This general inability to accept a thought

adverse to one's own is symptomatic of a general human, legal and social decadence. It doesn't bother me anymore. I don't feel bad about it. I simply get up and retreat. Nothing is more foolish than continuing to converse with someone who is indisposed to listen. And I, moreover, have to protect my well-being and my serenity, priority goods compared to the need to explain my perspective to Berlinguer.

On TV the sense of hospitality has been lost, the guest, i.e. the person invited to participate in the debate, should be respected and not treated with disdain or put on trial.

It is striking that anyone who dares to say a word in favor of General Vannacci, a new European MP, is reprimanded and considered a fascist, racist, sexist, Nazi. Finally, a person with a brilliant CV, full of merits, recognitions and honours, is elected, and we do nothing else

denigrate him and paint him as the worst man in the world, attacking his every syllable.

General Vannacci served the State and the Italian people with honour, no one better than him represents the sense of duty, of sacrifice, of commitment to high causes, however he is tarnished while Ilaria Salis, the woman convicted for violent crimes committed also against the symbols of the State, is sanctified by the same people who lash out against the elected member of the League.

Vannacci is right, it's an upside down world.