what is behind the attack on Damascus

Sun Zu wrote the thirteen chapters that make up “The art of War”, the oldest and most famous text on military art in existence. Each chapter is dedicated to aspects of warfare and how to …

what is behind the attack on Damascus

Sun Zu wrote the thirteen chapters that make up “The art of War”, the oldest and most famous text on military art in existence. Each chapter is dedicated to aspects of warfare and how to apply theory to military tactics and strategy. At the time, however, there were no embassies, consulates, Geneva conventions and, above all, the UN did not exist. Wars were fought, won or lost on the battlefields and armiesthose who defend themselves and fight for the survival of the nation, especially after having suffered a sudden and violent attack from an enemy with whom they had an ongoing ceasefire, were not restrained by international tribunals, by crossed vetoes or by electoral campaigns in progress.

Not to mention the disproportionate responses to acts of war suffered which in reality do not even exist today but which by dint of quoting them and shouting them from the rooftops have even entered the collective memory together with the “ifs”, the “buts” and all the other useful reasons, and it doesn't just apply to Israelto excuse i terrorists and shackle the hands of those who would like to defend themselves.

Just look at the epidemic of mental and psychological problems that have affected the perpetrators of terrorist attacks in Europe in recent years. Maybe out of ideology or maybe out of fear. Or perhaps for both things combined.

After the bombing of the headquarters of Iranian consulate in Damascusof which Israel has not claimed authorship, Iran officially announced the death of 7 officers including Mohammad Reza Zadeh, Haji Rahimi And Hossein Amirallah. Then, through the Foreign Minister, he declared: “Netanyahu has completely lost his mental balance due to his failures in Gaza and his failure to achieve his goals. We consider this aggression a violation of all diplomatic norms and international treaties. We believe that the Zionist entity is responsible for the consequences of this step and that the international community must take decisive action against these crimes.”

The threats, however, came from the Iranian ambassador in Damascus: “Our response to the attack on the consulate will be harsh.” One thing they didn't say, they didn't explain what were all those generals doing inside a consular headquarters which, at least in theory, would be used to give entry and work visas or assistance to Iranian citizens abroad.

The United States Department of State was more cautious in its comments and, referring to the event, expressed its concern about any escalation that could expand the conflict in the region.

According to Western intelligence agencies at the time the Iranian consulate building in Syria was targeted there was a very high level meeting underway between the top management of Hetzbollahof Hamas and of the Pasdaran present in Syria.

Precisely Iran, which for years finances terrorism around the world with billions of dollars, he is the true commander in chief and directs, according to the directives decided in Tehran by the Ayatollahs, the strategies and intensity of military actions against the Jewish State.

The outline, studied at the table, is always the same. Spaces, buildings and facilities such as schools, hospitals, hospices and places of prayer are used to store weapons and explosives. Spaces close to densely populated areas are used for launch missile attacksrockets and mortar shells in order to block the Israeli army's responses or, in this case, cause civilian victims treated like human shields to be displayed as trophies or counted to fuel the fire of protests with a shuddering cynicism anti-Zionist Not anti-Semitic of those who love the dead Jews but object to the living who defend themselves.

Of videos, evidence and testimonies, which certify this modus operandiin recent years hundreds have been collected but many did not want to look, they did not want to know, and when the irreparable, which is closer than we can imagine, takes shape all over the world it will be very difficult if not impossible to take action.

This is because too many people persist in looking at what is happening, taking the various situations as if they were isolated cases and not links of a single chain. It is a very serious mistake that can cost very dearly to those who still want to live in a world where freedom and democracy are the basis of a peaceful existence.

Anyway the building that was hit at Damascus on the outside it was disguised as a consulate, but considering who was occupying it and what they were planning, on the inside it was a real General Staff of the Iranian Army who used the extraterritoriality of the diplomatic delegation to organize the upcoming war that the Iranian forces stationed in Syria, Hetzbollah, Lebanon and other Islamic organizations were planning against the Jewish State. AND Israelprovided that the authorship of the attack is confirmed, he treated it as such regardless of the diplomatic façade that Pasdaran and his companions have vainly displayed.

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