Carola Rackete’s hair is pitiful, Vannacci like Salis and Biden: so, today…

– There’s something they don’t tell you about the video investigation Fanpage on Youth National, the young people of Fratelli d’Italia and the anti-Semitic nonsense they exchanged in chat. And it is the …

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– There’s something they don’t tell you about the video investigation Fanpage on Youth National, the young people of Fratelli d’Italia and the anti-Semitic nonsense they exchanged in chat. And it is the hypocrisy of those who on the one hand defend the “privacy” of pickpockets and on the other applaud the journalistic investigation which infiltrates a political party and, a bit like what happened in the previous investigation, essentially acts as an agent provocateur . You may not remember, but in March a year ago a controversy erupted due to a post by a Milanese PD councilor who called for privacy for pickpockets on the subway. “This habit of filming people caught stealing on ATM vehicles and spreading the videos on Instagram pages with hundreds of thousands of followers is violence, and it is very worrying – he said – Stop it, both those who make the videos and those who manage the Instagram channels that make them viral, to pass off their violence as civic sense”. The same, more or less, has happened in recent days at “The Cicada”, youtuber which deals with reporting thefts in Rome and has ended up in the sights of the CGIL. These are all questionable behaviors. On which we can open an infinite debate. But it makes you smile that those who protect the privacy of pickpockets don’t at least question whether it is right or not (it certainly is lawful) to infiltrate political parties to film their private meetings.

– You should read the editorial of Thomas Friedman not so much for his tears in front of the TV or for the request to Joe Biden to resign after tonight’s catastrophe. But for the objectivity (so to speak) of his analysis: Joe is defined as “a good person and a good president”; Donald as “an evil man and a mean man.” For goodness sake, it was a comment. But this vision of reality seems a little cut with a knife.

– Stereotypes aside, Friedman’s analysis is correct. Maybe Biden would also be an excellent president again, but “time has been right on him”. “His family and his staff must have known,” says Friedman. “They had been barricaded in Camp David for days to prepare for this crucial debate. If what we’ve seen is the most they’ve been able to get out of him, it’s time for Joe to retain the dignity he deserves and leave the scene at the end of his term.” There’s no denying it: not everyone reaches 80 in good shape; very few at that age are capable of leading the largest empire in the world. The dems must take note of this and convince him to let go.

– Crucial question: but if Biden is so evidently incapable of leading the country for the next four years, so much so that he has also caused “pain” in his allies, wouldn’t it be the case that he resigns immediately? Because from now until January 2025 (when the real handover with the possible replacement will take place) there are six very long months left in which the commander-in-chief who slurs his words and seems dazed could cause quite a few disasters. In Ukraine, Israel, Iran and so on.

– Actually, come on Home White they claim that Biden will not take any steps backwards. And there may be a reason. Maybe three. First: the Dems don’t believe they can find a unified candidate to oppose Trump in so few months. Second: they believe Joe is the only one capable of defeating The Donald and perhaps the idea is to win the elections and then force him to take a step back ex posteffectively making the vice president govern. Third: who do you want to be the crazy Democratic politician who would accept to burn himself in an election that now seems lost from the start?

– He didn’t get the space the interview deserved Corriere della Sera to the philosopher Finkiel herb, born in Paris to a family of Jewish origins. What does he say? What we told you yesterday, that many French Jews are seriously thinking of voting The Pen to counter those they consider the real anti-Semites: the candidates of the Popular Front led by Melenchon. “As for anti-Semitism, it is now clear that in France it is linked to Islam-leftism”, a hatred towards Jews imported by immigrants and which the left cultivates “as an electoral basin”. For this reason, if it ever came to a run-off in his constituency, he would choose the National Rally. And that is a sensational statement.

– If the fish stinks from the head, as Fittipaldi claims regarding FdI and Georgie Melonswhat should we say about Avs when Ilaria Salt proudly claims hateful illegal activities?

Roberto Vannacci would be investigated for forgery. Is it a scandal? No. But there are two little things that need to be underlined. First: for the umpteenth time the horrifying drama is repeated in Italy which causes the investigation files to end up in the newspapers before the interested parties, in this case the general, are even aware of it. A modus operandi unworthy in a civilized country that starts preaching to the Hungarian judicial system. Second: even if he were really under investigation, the honorable should be able to sleep on two pillows. It’s true: European parliamentary immunity follows two channels, and paradoxically Ilaria is more protected than Roberto because she committed (or did not commit) the alleged crime in a foreign country. MEPs, in fact, cannot be subjected to detention or trials in another member state; while in Italy the normal immunity of the national parliament applies (decidedly milder). However, if they made such a fuss about Salis, imagine if the editorialists and AVS will not ask for equal treatment for their fellow MEP from the Northern League. Free Salis, free Vannacci. Or is the presumption of innocence only valid if you are left-wing?

– You can say, or is it? body shamingwhich the hair exhibited of Carola Rackets Is it a little painful? The best comment, as usual, comes from the web: the nickname Carola Carpet it’s perfect. But here we also need to make a small reflection. Nobody forces anyone to take care of their image, and the writer certainly cannot give style lessons. But a minimum of restraint is needed. And it is above all the ostentation that surprises. Many women, when they don’t feel like it, avoid shaving. But they normally wear long trousers. Is it retrograde? No. A “stereotype imposed by the consumerist and fashionable society”, as some say? Not even. It is part of our Western culture, the result of a long journey towards the beautiful. Good old “common sense”.

Claiming not to be part of it will certainly be a political act, it is certainly legitimate. But we are entitled to criticize it. And to consider it opprobrious.

– Someone sneers on social media: “This one narrowly avoided prison!”, “If Lotito sees it, he’ll buy it.” Marvelous.