Federico Rampini posted an astonishing video on Corriere, where he declares that during Joe Biden’s four years in the White House, there was a form of denialism on the part of the Democratic Party regarding his mental state.

Rampini uses the word “omertà,” and adds that after international summits, world leaders returned home worried about the American President’s mental deterioration. “How is it possible that all this was hidden?” the journalist asks bitterly.

It is possible, dear Rampini, because in these four years of umma umma anecdotes, you have not shared even a single one with your readers. Only after the “free for all” on the alleged senile dementia of the President, you chose to reveal that the other world leaders were even “scared”. Many thanks, but it is a bit late, given that in this sad blog we have already put the trial on the slow motion of the G7 in Puglia (here).

Until a few years ago, puppet leaders with built-in ventriloquists were a feature of totalitarian regimes. At a 2016 summit in Saudi Arabia, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud paused for long moments before responding to his interlocutor Barack Obama, while a few chairs away, Mohammed bin Salman, the kingdom’s de facto leader, typed frantically on his iPad.

Who typed in the last months (years?) on the iPad interfaced with Joe Biden’s ear? But above all, who was looking after the nuclear briefcase in international meetings, while the most powerful man on Earth was “scaring” his counterparts? Well, we know that the American President (or whoever) cannot open the briefcase on his own initiative, and press the button like Wile E. Coyote. But in the chain of people responsible for launching nuclear rockets, some of which were mounted on launch pads in Italy, at least ONE was known throughout the world: now we know it wasn’t him.

The topic of “Joe Biden” on this blog is now exhausted, and I didn’t want to write about him again. In fact, I wanted to point out that since French President Emmanuel Macron committed political suicide in the first round of the early parliamentary elections, even the warmongering tam tam has suddenly stopped resonating in our media jungle. At the extraordinary summit on Ukraine on February 26, Macron was the first Western leader to hit the ground with a branch like a gorilla (here), and in the following months there had been a Wagnerian crescendo, including that of Rampini. That “crescendo” suddenly stopped, and now everything is silent as in a sort of drôle de guerre.

I would have liked to investigate the mechanisms of transmission of this war fever: were the words of the French President really enough? Or was there an order from above, which for obvious reasons CANNOT have been given by Joe Biden? Are we faced with a sensational case of Artificial Nonsense that dictates the agenda?

Unfortunately, I have run out of space to better articulate this fear of mine, but it can become a topic of debate.

This is my 100th post on the Nodo Sapiens blog, 1001 days after the first one (October 8, 2021).