The passion on the set, the farewell in 2008, the daughter: the love story between Giorgio Pasotti and Nicoletta Romanoff

Giorgio Pasotti turns 51. In her life studded with film and television successes, a great role was played by the women who were at her side and among them was the actress Nicoletta …

The passion on the set, the farewell in 2008, the daughter: the love story between Giorgio Pasotti and Nicoletta Romanoff

Giorgio Pasotti turns 51. In her life studded with film and television successes, a great role was played by the women who were at her side and among them was the actress Nicoletta Romanoff. The love story between Giorgio Pasotti and Nicoletta Romanoff he held court for over a decade in gossip magazines: from the love that blossomed on set to the birth of his daughter Maria up to the numerous crises and the farewell that arrived in 2014.

The meeting on the set of the miniseries

It’s 2004. Giorgio Pasotti is fresh from the success of the TV series “Police District” while Nicoletta Romanoff is popular thanks to role of Valentina in “Remember me” by Gabriele Muccino. Angelo Longoni chooses both as protagonists of the new two-part television series, “One year to spring“. This is the first time that Giorgio and Nicoletta work together and on the set it is immediately love between the two. The young and successful couple does not hide the passion that exploded on the set and in the first interview given to TV Smiles and Songs, on the occasion of the broadcast of the series, they reveal that they fell in love during filming.

The first public release

Giorgio and Nicoletta aren’t hiding, come on paparazzi and in the first year of the relationship they show themselves to be in love and close-knit at various events. The first public release took place on the occasion of the Armani Exhibition at the Baths of Diocletian in May 2004 while in September of the same year the two actors participated in the Venice Film Festival. In February 2005 Pasotti and his girlfriend were protagonists at the Nastri d’Argento, where the actor was nominated for two statuettes as Best Leading Actor for “After midnight” and “I just wanted to sleep on her“.

The alleged flirtation with Vanessa Incontrada

While Nicoletta’s career is slowing down, Giorgio Pasotti is the protagonist of numerous films and TV series. In 2005 he turned “Which love” alongside Vanessa Incontrada and immediately the gossip of an alleged flirtation between the actor and his Spanish colleague breaks out in the gossip magazines. According to the pink press, Nicoletta and Giorgio are experiencing a crisis deep and the meeting with Incontrada would have made things worse. At the beginning of 2006, when the film reaches the cinema, Novella2000 interviews Pasotti who denies the flirtation with Vanessa Incontrada: “Nicoletta is the woman of my life. There has never been a relationship between me and Vanessa and I dream of marriage with my partner“. The couple spends a peaceful summer between events and festivals and the paparazzi photos show them happy far from any rumors of crisis.

The wedding announcement

May 2007. Nicoletta returns to the cinema again with the film “Cardiofitness“. On the occasion of the film’s release in cinemas, during an interview, he talks about his relationship with his partner Giorgio: “From the outside the stories always seem like one fable. Giorgio and I have many similarities and we love each other, but we also know how to argue. We are stubborn and conflict is inevitable”. Love is solid and a few weeks later the Grand Hotel magazine dedicated its cover to them with an important headline: “We’ll get married soon.”. The actress is waiting to obtain a divorce from her first husband, the film producer Federico Scardamaglia, but she dreams of marrying Pasotti as soon as possible.

The one year break in 2008

March 2008. Pasotti is cast in the lead role in the twelve-episode series “Laura’s choice”. He is the co-protagonist of the drama Giulia Michelini, that Pasotti already knows and with whom he has already worked. On the set Giulia and Giorgio are the surgeon Fabio Moreno and the resident Laura Bertini and the love staged in front of the cameras turns into true passion, so much so that it pushes Pasotti to leave his partner Nicoletta. The story between Giulia and Giorgio lasts a year but at the beginning of 2009 the two say goodbye and Giorgio gets closer to Romanoff. “With Giulia, we parted with great serenity and we are on excellent terms. There is nothing to clarify between us“, says the actor on Donna Moderna, talking about the flashback with Nicoletta: “There was a rapprochement with Nicoletta, I have very strong feelings for her“.

Mary’s pregnancy and birth

After the distance, Giorgio and Nicoletta rediscover themselves more in love and the dream of one another family it came to fruition in 2009. In April the couple returned to show themselves in public on the occasion of the premiere of the show “Col foot right” in Rome and Nicoletta was already pregnant. The news of the pregnancy, however, was kept secret by the couple until October when, on the occasion of the Roma Film Fest, Romanoff showed off her baby bump on the red carpet. “This child could have arrived at any time in the last six months. If he chose to arrive now, it’s because he thought Giorgio and I were mature.” Nicoletta declared to Vanity Fair in November 2009, when the magazine dedicated its cover to her in the middle of her seventh month of pregnancy. On 19 January 2010, Maria Pasotti, the couple’s firstborn, was born.

Family and career

Between 2010 and 2012 Nicoletta dedicated herself to her daughter Maria and the two children she had from her previous marriage, but she also made a film “Standing room in heaven” and participates in the television program Colorado – ‘This classic. For his part, Giorgio Pasotti is around various sets “Kiss me again” to “Love is not enough (almost never…)” up to the role of Giuseppe Garibaldi in the miniseries Anita Garibaldi. In autumn 2013, however, rumors of a new girl began to circulate in the gossip magazines crisis between the two actors. Nicoletta and Giorgio do not deny it but they see each other less and less at social events.

The final farewell in 2014

On 13 June 2014 Nicoletta and Giorgio walk the red carpet of Convivio 2014 in Milan. It is the last time the couple is photographed together in public. In July Pasotti was photographed by the paparazzi Formentera together with some friends and on Chi, in the article about his holiday as a single, there is talk of a definitive break-up with his partner. In October, the paparazzi catch Giorgio moving from the house where he lived with Nicoletta and the actress is photographed in tender attitudes with the man who will become her husband.

It is confirmation that their story made it to the final credits. Today Nicoletta Romanoff is married to Federico Alverà, with whom she had another daughter. Giorgio Pasotti has been engaged to the actress and model Claudia Tosoni since 2017.