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I have always had a sincere appreciation for independent artists, and I know I’m not alone. Which is why I want to share with all of you the unique and intriguing sounds of Rels B, the Spanish smooth rap artist sure to be your next favorite international artist.

Rels B goes by a few names (Daniel Vidal and Flakk Daniel) and just like his name, his style includes a wide range of international influences and this fluctuation seems to vary between songs.

He’s been recognized internationally by countries like Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay, where he’s performed multiple shows in the past.

His latest release, “A Mi,” is an easy flow rap with an underlying Spanish folk beat that complements the passion and love in his words. The lyrics are straightforward and relatable, making his song very appealing to those who have loved and lost.

Translated, he raps, “I know other guys are talking to you/ But you prefer me/ Baby, I’ve realized I love you/ And I don’t know what I would do without you.”

His loving Spanish poetry and catchy hook make this song his most romantic, which is probably why he’s already got 13 million views and 213,000 thumbs-up on YouTube since its release Jan. 31, 2019.

“A Mi” was released earlier this year and has a very similar slow rap style to “Buenos Genes,” his most streamed song on Spotify.

These two songs include a steady beat of speaking that is very similar to the popular R&B rap flow in the U.S., but what really sets him apart in the two songs is that he can’t help but add in his Spanish influences.

I think that’s what makes his sound so appealing in the U.S. and Spanish speaking countries- it’s familiar but brand-new.

Another song he released this year, “HEY SHORTY!” has more of an early American hip-hop flow and less of the Spanish influence. It’s a big jump from the smooth passion in “A Mi,” yet Rels B still includes an easy rap flow and catchy beat to capture the attention of his listeners.

According to Buena Musica, Rels B writes his music based on personal experiences. The lyrics in his music exposes his personal development and the different stages of his life, again, making it easy for listeners to relate.

This change up isn’t only in his personal work, but also in his musical influences. In his earlier years, Rels B listened to artists like The Beatles and Rolling Stone, but as he grew older and began producing, he began listening to rap artists like Eminem and Nach (another Spanish rapper whose music includes heavy spoken word).

When you listen to the music of Rels B, you notice immediately that he is always adapting. His genre, his style of rap, his rhythms and beats are always changing. The only constant is his willingness to reveal himself through his lyrics.

What’s important about his work as an international artist is that his fluctuating styles and relatable lyrics cast a wide net for all kinds of fans to enjoy his music.

Since he is an independent artist, Rels B has the opportunity to be more flexible with his music and give his fans more of what they enjoy from him.

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