Far too often musical fame and recognition bypasses local artists and instead falls with more internationally commercialized artists. With most attention facing outward, it’s ever important to look inward at your local music scene. Everyone was a local musician at their start.

Starting this fall semester, “Ragin’ Beat: A Vermilion Podcast” will build the show with this is in mind.

I’ll be joined by The Vermilion’s music columnist and assistant web editor, Tim Ledet, whose eye for talent will help give more artists exposure.

The mission of the podcast will be to spotlight local and/or under-represented musicians, closing the gap between neighbor and new favorite artist.

Lafayette is a cultural melting pot, stirring musical influence, so it’s important to recognize the diversity and creativity brewed in our backyard.

It’s the uniqueness of Lafayette’s music scene that Tim and I truly admire.

Even at the local level, their music molds talent into truly interesting aesthetics and engaging stories. We want to have conversations with as many of these artists as possible.

“Ragin’ Beat” wants to help you find Lafayette musicians and unite the city with its music scene.

In addition, we’ll be covering what’s going on in the music world abroad. Each show will give you music to anticipate and music reviews to guide you to something new!

“Ragin’ Beat” will be found streaming on Spotify, SoundCloud and through The Vermilion’s website.

The first podcast will be an introduction to the layout of the show and a great way to know our mission.

If you would like to nominate a talented local artist, send your submissions to jamifayy@gmail.com, or timothyledet7@gmail.com. Let us know who you think is deserving of the local spotlight. We will be sharing podcasts every two weeks, so be sure to tune in and follow.

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