I honestly don't even know where to start.

For the past two years, student publications has given this old lady a place to call home. It's extracted so much of my blood, sweat and of course … tears, and it allowed me to become whatever I pleased. I've been a political columnist, I've managed a staff of 30 and I've learned both social media and marketing skills just because I wanted to.

That's what student publications gives you. It's this wonderful incubator where you get to not only hang out with some of the best people on campus, but you get to stretch your wings and fly as high as you please.

I can not thank this place enough for making me who I am, but I told myself I had to try.

To the staff: First of all, thank you guys for putting up with me all last year. Yes, it was rough. But we all came out a bit better for it.

Thank you, Aaron, for picking up all those stories we assigned you. You were the news.

Thank you, Seth, for being my business partner. When you graduate, some marketing firm is going to be super lucky to have a guy like you.

Thank you, John, for picking up what we couldn't ask of Aaron. I hope it helped you become the amazing Managing Editor you are.

Thank you, Elliot, for being such a shining light. I looked forward to talking to you every week.

Thank you, Cole, for keeping Julissa and me sane on Mondays.

And thank you, Melissa, for carrying on the kick-a-- coverage you are known for. You do The Vermilion proud and you make me so very proud.

To the rest of the staff: Always be ambitious. This place can do wonders for you if you let it.

It's been my honor to watch both The Vermilion and L'Acadien grow and flourish. Through the time I've been there, we've gone from being exiled into this house across Johnston to a lovely office right on campus for all to see.

For that and so much more I have to thank Dean Patricia Cottonham. If you haven't met this amazing woman yet, there's never been a better time. Dean Cottonham is the most compassionate woman you will ever meet on campus. She cares guys. She really cares.

Inside the student affairs office sits another amazing woman who has helped keep me sane over the past years, Beth Washington. Beth is the heart of student publications, the one-stop problem-solving shop for us when we need anything — and she gets it. I can not thank you enough, Ms. Beth.

And finally, to Mr. Tarver. You came to The Vermilion when we needed you most and gave us direction and I will never be able to thank you enough for that. Thank you for teaching me an entire semester's worth of marketing in about 7 months and for always believing in me. Thank you for all the support you give student publications. We can never repay you.

Enough about the past; let's all look to the future. Both The Vermilion and L'Acadien (Who just passed it's 100th volume! Whoop Whoop!) are doing some amazing things. And I for one can't wait to see what they do next.

Love you guys.


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