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Due to COVID-19, the Student Government Association (SGA), at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has started holding their meetings via Zoom, starting Monday, Aug.31.

SGA President Hailey Boutte is working with the assistant director of union facilities to get more paper towels and disinfectant in the Student Union. She is also working with other organizations at UL Lafayette to help McNeese State University recover after Hurricane Laura.

Later, the SGA discussed how and when they would hold elections for new members.

Both who would be appointed to the Elections Commission and the dates for the upcoming election for new SGA members were both passed by consensus at the meeting the agenda for the meeting read.

SGA Vice President Bethany Sistrunk said SGA members should try to volunteer for Get on Board Day. She also said they should stay seated and with their cameras on for meetings.

According to Chief Justice Shelby Saak, the by-laws have now been updated and reworded.

Students should vote online through OrgSync. After they have logged in, they should click "My Memberships" and Select "SGA Elections". Find the “Forms” tab, and select the SGA Freshmen Elections–Fall 20202 form. Students can vote for up to four candidates, reads the SGA website.

The Campus Affairs and Sustainability Committee reported that there is an attempt to have reusable take-out containers for some campus dining locations, along with having donation boxes sent to the dorms.

The Student Life and Diversity Committee reported that they are attempting to maintain an atmosphere of community on campus by working with the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership and other organizations and offices.

The College of Liberal Arts is working on getting more speakers and allotting technology to those who need it. The College of Nursing is redoing its mentor program and adding more members.

Dean of Students Margarita Perez encouraged members to help Lake Charles and reminded them of the Watch Your Step, a “privilege walk” put on by UPC, which, according to the website , is a walk that represents how much privilege a person has, happening on Thursday.

“Watch Your Step is a privilege walk that invites participants to consider some of the possible advantages they may benefit from, as well as how the lack of fair and equal access can impact,” reads the website.

The document also listed condolences for faculty members who have passed away recently. The condolences listed are for Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts Carolyn Dural and Coach D.J. Looney.

Multiple people were absent from the meeting including Treasurer Garrett Johnson, College of the Arts President Jay Tetnowski, Graduate School Senator Dalton Mitchell and College of Liberal Arts Senator, according to SGA’s official minutes for the meeting.

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