The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Student Government Association (SGA) met in the Helma B. Constantine Forum room in the Student Union on Jan. 27.

Rachel Lautigar, the president of SGA, began the meeting with a discussion of fees and talked about how the students need to call their Congress members as opposed to sending an email or letter.

Hailey Boutte, the vice-president, then talked about Moodle and that there is an opening for an SGA member to come and help fix Moodle.

Jonathan Adams, the treasurer, spoke about advance posters that need to be posted in a variety of academic buildings for QEP, or Quality Enhancement Program.

Next, the senate chair, Jonathan Alexander, went through and asked the members of the different colleges to state what updates they had.

Michal Rodriguez, senator of legislative affairs, said the 2020 House of Representatives will be meeting in March as a general meeting for things like state taxes.

Mary Frances Avera, the LIFE program co-secretary, said the first LIFE meeting will be Nov. 20. This is a program to help students learn life skills.

Mary-Margret, the business president, spoke about how the College of Business needs a new dean, and they also would like to discuss within their college about receiving more funding.

Rex Jones, the graduate school president, mentioned issues that, since the graduate students have to take night classes, he is the only one representing them.

He also spoke about raising student pay overall and that he hoped to vote on that in the future.

Lauren Turner, the freshman senator, finished the meeting by talking about the inability of the university to put water fountains in the new dorms because of the plumbing. She said that they might put them in the dorm kitchens over the summer because students will be gone.

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