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UL Lafayette student receives medical scholarship

med scholarship

The Vermilion received word that a University of Louisiana at Lafayette student had received the Dr. Warner C. Leblanc Scholarship from the Acadiana Medical Research Foundation on Tuesday, July 2.

Lauren Butcher, a student in the Nurse Practitioner Master’s Degree Program, received the $1000 scholarship for the 2019 Fall Semester.

“In the scholarship requirements, it had to be someone that was going on to medical school with a master’s degree, and UL Lafayette’s master’s degree program for Nurse Practitioners seems to be meeting the criteria,” said Scholarship Liaison Charlotte Detraz of the Acadiana Tumor Registry.

Detraz explained the reason for the scholarship.

“It’s to help someone that’s in their senior year that we know is about ready to graduate to pay toward any expenses they would need, not only the books and tuition, but perhaps even equipment and supplies,” said Detraz.

“Dr. Warner C. Leblanc had set up a scholarship with us, and we ended up matching it,” she said, explaining how the $500 scholarship had increased to $1000.

The scholarship is only offered to UL Lafayette students, and is awarded with regard to other requirements.

“In addition to involvement in a master’s degree program, they needed to indicate in their application a need for financial assistance. They also had to have two letters of recommendation from a college professor,” she said.

Other requirements were notably specific.

“We had to have their college transcript mailed directly to our executive director; they could not hand carry it in,” she said.

Many students applied for the scholarship, but were not selected.

“We had some that could not finish up. The decision was made by the board of directors and Ms. Warner C. Leblanc,” she said.

This decision ultimately awarded Butcher, who, according to Detraz, demonstrated great financial need as well as met the other criteria.

Pictured left to right, Charlotte C. Detraz, Scholarship Liaison, Lea Guidry, Executive Director of A.M.R.F., Lauren Butcher, recipient, John Rainey, Ph.D., Medical Director.

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