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On Wednesday, Feb. 19 and Thursday Feb. 20, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette will hold its annual Career Fair for students in the Student Union Ballroom from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

According to the UL Lafayette Career Services website, the first day will be for students in Liberal Arts and Business. The second day is for those who are in the Engineering and general Science and Technology fields.

The website also states why the fair is important and what the students should bring.

“Participants have the opportunity to personally meet recruiters from diverse companies and to network with returning alumni. Companies also have the option of interviewing applicants after the event,” the Career Fair Website states.

According to Handshake, examples of companies that will be appearing one or both days are American Mine Services, Dallas Police Department and LouisianaCat.

Amy Chauvin, the Associate Director of Career Services explained what the average student’s experience would be.

“So you pick the day that’s related most closely with your major,” Chauvin said. “You register as you walk in with Career Services staff, and you get a name tag and a list of companies and a map of how they are set up in the Ballroom.”

She continued by explaining the process of finding the correct company.

“Then you are able to visit the information table where another career services staff member can help you identify more quickly the companies that relate to your degree,” Chauvin said. “Then you are able to visit with those employers at those tables and offer your resume.”

The Career Fair Website states what the necessary materials are and how a student should dress.

“Students should dress professionally and have several copies of their resume available to submit to prospective employers,” the website reads.

However, Chauvin believes that there are other things, particularly preparedness, that are important as well.

“Be sure to research the list of participating employers and graduate schools, which they can find in Handshake, our job search system,” Chauvin said. “They should have their resume reviewed, either by someone in their college or by emailing Career Services and make sure their resume is very well put together.

Chauvin added that they should be able to talk about themselves.

“They should also prepare an elevator pitch, a thirty-second introduction as to who they are and what they’re looking for,” she said.

Samuel Fooren, an electrical engineering major, explained why he wanted to go to the Career Fair.

“I have some interest in it. I just want to get a better idea of what I can do with my career choice. Right now I’m just going in for electrical engineering with a minor in robotics,” he said.

Fooren also spoke about what he expected from the Career Fair.

“I have some vague ideas, I would expect to see a lot of people that accurately represent each career well and have sort of a presentation to do on certain developments for their careers. Sort of further persuade people to join the career,” Fooren said.

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