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You can not tell me that a team that has not played yet is ranked higher in the national rankings than a team that is 3-1.

Five teams that are ahead of the Ragin Cajuns’ in that rankings have not even touched the field this season for a game. The Cajuns’ were ranked 21st on the AP top 25 Poll behind Michigan, Wisconsin, Oregon, Penn State and Ohio State as of last Wednesday, but after one loss they are now unranked.

The people that make these rankings really upset me sometimes with how they rank these teams. Mathematically and logically it makes no sense a team that has proven that they are good enough to be 3-1 like the Cajuns have is worse than a team that has not played.

That’s like having an 89.9% grade in a class and instead of the teacher rounding up to give you that A they round down and give you a C. The most they can do with those teams ranked above The Cajuns’ is to look at their rosters and speculate how good they will be. If we are basing this off of speculation then we are cheating some of these teams out of their rightful ranks.

The highest of the unplayed teams is Ohio State at 5th in the nation. Now I get it, it is Ohio State and they are in the running for a national championship every year it seems like, but at the same time they have not played a game so how can we fairly say they are the 6th best team in the nation.

The Cajuns are no longer ranked, and teams that haven’t even played are. I just think it’s outrageous for a 3-1 team to be under teams that have not played.

It seems like the rankings are very rigged, look at the last win the Cajuns got on a walk-off field goal. If Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State or Oregon win a game like that they shoot to the top 10 immediately. Meanwhile, the Cajuns got booted from the rankings and had to wait for LSU to lose to Missouri just to get back in.

Then when they do get back in the rankings their old rank of 19th is occupied by Michigan.

The rankings should be based on a win/loss record like how it normally works in sports. The team that wins more is ranked higher. The ranks play favorites and it is starting to show during this crazy season.

The Big 10 is not scheduled to play until later this season, and they should not be allowed in the rankings until they play. Right now we are ranking nothing against something because they have not played yet in my opinion.

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