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Senior Raymond Calais (4) breaks a tackle during the Mississippi State game on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019.

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Choosing not to postpone the college football season will benefit The University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

The Big 10 conference has elected to postpone their season until the spring. The Big 10 is absolutely loaded with talent being home to schools such as Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin and Penn State. Any Saints fan would know exactly what I mean when I say it is a talented conference. The Saints had seven players make the NFL top 100 list, and four of those players played in the Big 10 conference.

With the postponement of their season, this opens the door for smaller schools to fill those national TV slots left open and also show what their program has to offer. Louisiana athletes have more of an advantage because they will get more exposure to scouts of NFL teams and increase the school's chances of having a high draft choice.

The Ragin Cajuns’ last season had the best rushing offenses in all of college football with three running backs posting 800 yards or more. Yet it was barely mentioned due to the likes of J.K. Dobbins out of Ohio State who was just dominating teams with his rushing attack. This season though, more of the Ragin Cajuns’ will be seen. Obviously they will live in the shadows of the SEC that is home to defending National Champions LSU, as well as Alabama and Georgia, but with the Big 10 not playing, more scouts may look to the Sun Belt conference where the Cajuns play for some talent.

The Cajuns had a respectable record last season of 11 wins to three losses. To put that into perspective, Michigan was 9-4. However, the Cajuns did not get the same exposure or recognition that Michigan received. This season, without the Big 10, that will change. I get that it is different teams, different matchups and, in some cases, stiffer competition, but it is all Division I football. Each team has finely tuned athletes at their disposal, and they are playing another team with the same characteristics. The skill level may be different in some cases, but all these players have shown they are good enough to play at this level. So now analysts and scouts will be almost forced to take a closer look at the Cajuns and their program, as the big names schools are waiting until the spring.

The Cajuns have a good bit of local talent on their team because they might have grown up in a place that was not highly recruited. These players now have a massive opportunity to show, not only the NFL, but the world that they can play. The Cajuns have the advantage scouting-wise. Football is very much a business of “what have you done for me lately,” and since the Cajuns will actually have the chance to get on the field and play, scouts have more to look at other than last year's game film or a video of that athlete working out. Due to this, the Cajuns' chances of having a high number of draft picks increase. If the Cajuns have a lot of players drafted to the NFL, more players will want to come to the school, the more recognition we will get, and then next thing we know we are up there with the likes of LSU, Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma.

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