Ragin’ Cajuns’ “Overwatch” team brought home the gold at their first LAN tournament at Mississippi State University’s BullyLAN Saturday, April 6, at MSU.

Cajuns were seeded second out of the five collegiate teams in attendance but were able to beat MSU 2-0 in the runback in grand finals after losing to them in winners’ finals 1-2. Their two games lost in winners’ finals were the only games the Cajuns dropped throughout the entire tournament.

“This has only been my second LAN … but this one we came in having a pretty good chance at winning, and we were like, ‘We just need to throw everything into this and see what we can do,’” Williams “Kennah” Kyle, sophomore informatics major and captain of Cajuns “Overwatch,” said.

“When it came down to those last seconds, it actually felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before,” Kyle added. “I’ve never been in that situation; it felt great, it felt like this rush of winning a LAN tournament that hardly anybody has participated in much less win.”

Cajuns ran GOATS, their standard composition of three tanks and three supports, for the majority of the tourney, but ran into trouble when MSU ran more DPS, or high-damage, characters.

Cajuns were able to get the advantage back by switching their Reinhardt to Winston, and from there they could dive in and stop MSU from taking the high ground, a change that would help them win the set.

Kyle described how the team needed to be better prepared in the future for high damage-output compositions such as the one MSU ran against them.

“When Mississippi State started running their damage-heavy comps to cover our GOATS, we tried to run our own damage ... and we were getting wiped with that composition. We weren’t doing well at all,” Kyle said. “Definitely in the next month or two we are going to be working on those DPS comps because we need to be able to pull that out.

Kyle is new to the team captain position; he has only been doing it since February. Kyle said he found his position on the team fun, even though had he not been given the opportunity he would not have known he wanted it.

Kyle added now that he has experience in a leader position, he would want to do it in other scenarios.

As far as the tournament experience as a whole, Kyle said he enjoyed meeting the MSU players and faculty, adding he would enjoy having the opportunity to host a similar LAN tournament at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, even inviting MSU.

“I thought they did a phenomenal job, actually,” Kyle said. “When we showed up there, the esports director of MSU was the first person to greet us … and they all treated us really well. I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the Mississippi State guys. I hope we can do it again soon with them and we can meet up with them soon.”

For the rest of the semester and the summer, Cajuns’ “Overwatch” will be playing in several Wi-Fi tournaments, but no other LAN events are set in stone as of writing this report.

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