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Looks can be intimidating. And for the 6-foot-5, 336 pound Louisiana offensive linemen, Robert Hunt, you can see why he gives opponents a hard time. But his stature is not the only thing that stands out for Hunt; this Louisiana football leader is more than just a force to be reckoned with.

Hunt is a native from Burkeville, Texas, a small town where he played on a small team at Burkeville High School. This small team would only have 18 players on the roster and would sometimes only have 13 players available. In his high school career he won a total of two games. But, Hunt doesn’t complain about his early beginnings.

In 2015 is when Hunt became a member of the Ragin’ Cajuns team, redshirting his freshman year and becoming a member of the scout team. For the 2016 season, Hunt became a starter at left guard after the spring game and played in all 13 games for Louisiana.

The 2017 season is where he started to make a huge impact for the team. Hunt started in 11 games, becoming a driving force for Louisiana and earning his second letter as he helped Louisiana become the third best rushing attack in the Sun Belt Conference.

As a redshirt junior, Hunt was still dominating. He started in 14 games and was named All Sun Belt second team selection, while also leading the way for the Ragin’ Cajuns rushing trifecta to produce three 700-yard rushers.

But the continued success Hunt has achieved did not come without some bumps in the road. In 2017, more than a dozen Louisiana football players, including Hunt, were suspended from the team after being initially charged with a felony for theft, but the charge was reverted to a misdemeanor of criminal mischief. The players stole around $2,400 worth of items. Charges were dropped after Hunt completed a diversion program.

Former Louisiana football head coach, Mark Hudspeth, defended the young men at the time and believed they learned from their mistakes.

“These young men have learned and will continue to learn from this tremendous life lesson,” Hudspeth said. “We will continue to be respectful of the legal process as it runs its course.”

And with these lessons it’s all about how a person applies them, and Hunt did exactly that.

Louisiana running back, Trey Ragas, identifies Hunt as a jokester and always smiling.

“The man (is) a clown … Really, he’s nothing but smiles,” Ragas said. “Joking around all the time. He’s a positive person. He’s got a lot of energy.”

Hunt has a reason to smile. In 2018, he moved back from right guard to right outside offensive linemen, a position that he feels fits him best because of his athleticism.

Alongside Hunt is his counterpart Kevin Dotson; both are a match made in heaven. Something that they both talked about during their freshman year.

“We (were) like, he’s gonna be tackle, I’m gonna be guard,” Hunt said. “We were like, ‘This is gonna happen one day,’ and when it happened it felt perfect.”

Hunt has also been a leader for the Ragin’ Cajuns on the offensive side as he has been helping the younger players.

“He’s done a good job with the younger guys, not only in the o-line room, but throughout the offense in general, getting the guys to do the right thing,” offensive coordinator Sale said. “He’s done a phenomenal job for us.”

Trey Ragas also identifies Hunt as an “old head” because being older in the program allows him to hold people accountable.

“You could tell that he’s realizing he’s an old head now, so he took on a role to be a leader,” Ragas said. “If we’re messing around on offense, he’ll get us back right in check, ready to play the next play.”

As the 2019 season continues for the Ragin’ Cajuns, Hunt is still a major factor as Louisiana is one of the top in the nation for their running game. Hunt is also grateful for everything he’s learned so far at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, categorizing it as a blessing.

“I love it here, instead of back home — because home is so small,” Hunt said. “It’s been a blessing in my life, and I’m enjoying every bit of it.”

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