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OPINION — There are only three snacks that are perfect for a late-night study session: 

Pizza Rolls, Hot Cheetos and Jolly Ranchers. We have all stayed up and studied trying to get a good grade. We have all also gotten those late-night tummy growls while studying. Personally, I know that if I am hungry while studying, I won’t focus on my notes as much as I should. So, if I am in for a long night of studying, I get my snacks ready to go. 

These snacks are the perfect combination of savory, spicy and sweet and are my personal favorite flavors. Plus they are foods that make you happy. When have you seen a mad person eating any of those items? It’s impossible to be mad and eat a pizza roll.

Pizza rolls are the perfect snack while studying. Every time I get a question right while studying, I get a pizza roll. It turns into a little game for myself, and I turn the dread of studying into something fun. I nearly turned studying into Jeopardy but with snacks. “Yes I’ll take the next flashcard for one pizza roll, please, Alex.” Then, while I am taking the test, I recall the question and remember which answer scored me a delicious reward. 

Jolly Ranchers, in my opinion, work better than gum. While gum can help you recall things that you have studied, according to News Scientist, it can also give you temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which is inflammation of that joint located in the jaw, according to Health Beat. 

That inflamed joint is painful as heck too. I speak from experience. I switched to Jolly Ranchers and it helps me recall the information the same as gum used to. 

You can also get more Jolly Ranchers for less money and the flavor will last longer. If you like the blue raspberry flavor Jolly Rancher like I do, then you get a cool blue tongue to show off to your friends. A cool blue tongue and an A on that test you studied hard for what could be better than that?

Then, once I turn in the test there is still one snack left in the list of three and that is my celebration snack. The test is done, I bust open that bag of hot Cheetos. 

I saved this snack for a very good reason. I don’t like my notes getting that red dust that is on the Cheetos all over my notes and flashcards. Plus I can lick the dust off my fingers and not have to worry about wet fingers touching my notes. I can put my feet up, eat my Cheetos, watch a movie and then take a well-earned nap. 

These snacks might not work for everyone like they work for me. Using them has helped tremendously. My grades are still great and my temporomandibular joint dysfunction is even better. 

Hopefully, this helps some late-night studiers to keep their bellies full of good food and their brain full of knowledge. 

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