Chief Justice Shelby Saak explaining a decision the judicial branch made regarding recent writ applications in an SGA meeting on Feb. 17, 2020.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Student Government Association held a meeting in the Helma B. Constantine Forum in the Student Union on Monday, Feb. 17.

Near the end of the meeting, SGA President Rachel Lautigar discussed with SGA about a recent meeting she had with President Joseph Savoie, Ph.D., and the idea for an open mic or town hall-like meeting after the Mardi Gras break, in which students can approach SGA themselves with any issues they may have. She added SGA will begin advertising the meeting in the coming weeks.

SGA also voted on two resolutions, both of which were passed in a unanimous vote. The first, Resolution No. 18, was to appoint former Chief of Staff Dominique Williams to chief elections officer. The second, No. 19, was to create a new position within SGA, secretary for the Edith Garland Dupré Library, and then appoint Brett Crist to that position.

“We’re trying to create this position because there’s no direct representation from the library to this big source of funding when so many different colleges and departments use the library and its resources,” Lautigar said.

“So Brett Crist has been meeting with some of the library representatives and administration in my stead to work on producing projects — more than just the renovation of the second floor practice room. Things like working on computers, things like all the improvements that we all talk about but never really see happen.”

As for announcements, Chief Justice Shelby Saak told the members that applications for the Senate will close on Feb. 28, and that the 2020-2021 president and vice president can only be selected from the newly-elected Senate in the first meeting of April.

Arts President Elise DeGruise voiced concern over the cleaning of the dance department’s floors. DeGruise said it is not only an issue of not cleaning the floors, but also that when they are cleaned it can cut almost 15 minutes out of a 50-minute class.

“So, this has been (the case) for years,” DeGruise said. “It got better last semester when our dean came to see the building and how dirty it was, but since then we’ve had a new company hired to clean the floors; you have to clean it a special way with certain cleaners, and our dance faculty does not have access to those things.

“So I’m working with Kristi Carr in the dance department to hopefully sort out something so we can work out getting a clean dance floor, but clean for class, because a lot of times those two things don’t happen at the same time.”

One of the primary discussions, with roughly ten minutes of the meeting devoted to it, was the nominations and elections for which members will represent SGA in both upcoming Phi Mu fundraising pageant Big Man on Campus and campus parade Krewe of Roux.

Reed Broussard and Taylor Massey will appear in Krewe of Roux as SGA’s duke and maid respectively, whereas Kai Duckworth will be SGA’s representative for Big Man on Campus.

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