COVID moving out

Students and Parents move out of the dorms due to the COVID-19 on Sunday, March 22, 2020.

As the summer 2020 remote semester is coming to an end, fall 2020 housing plans begin with strict social distancing guidelines.

“The Housing guidelines are being finalized and should be out next week. As soon as they are approved, we’ll put them on our COVID page on our website,” Eric Maron, the senior communications representative for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, said in a statement to The Vermilion.

However, on the university’s office of housing and residential life website, procedures for move-in day were posted.

“Residents and non-residents helpers will be required to answer a questionnaire and have their temperatures taken before entering the building,” the website read, “If a resident or non-resident has a positive questionnaire and/or a temperature, they will not be allowed to move in.”

The university will also require everyone entering the residence halls to wear a mask, and will provide masks for those without one. They will also conduct additional cleaning procedures.

Guidelines for social distancing practices at the residence halls will also be implemented throughout the semester, not just move-in day.

If a student in the dorms contracts COVID-19, a team appointed by the university will apply them with the essentials, including a self-care kit, three meals a day, and a check-in with the student by phone twice daily for the duration of their time in quarantine, Dawn Miller, the interim director for the department of housing, said in a statement to The Vermilion.

“The university has a team comprised of Housing, Residential Life, Dean of Students, Student Health Services, and Dining Services staff that will work with the resident to make sure their basic needs are met,” Miller said.

The university is also implementing strict cleaning and visitation guidelines in order to minimize the contraction of COVID-19 within the university walls.

Miller said she wants incoming residents to know move-in day for the fall 2020 semester will look a lot different this semester.

Because only being one person will be allotted to help each resident move-in, residents will be given a specific check-in date and time which will be enforced strictly, Miller said. This is a new process for the Office of Housing, so they are asking residents to be patient, she said.

Towards the bottom of the website page provided for fall 2020 move-in day, a flyer providing cleaning tips and guidelines is posted.

In addition to cleaning tips, the housing website also gives some details on when residents can expect visits from custodians.

“Custodian staff will be going into the suites to clean bathrooms on a scheduled basis. This schedule will be posted in the rooms so residents can be aware and remain in their rooms or not be in the suite during these scheduled cleanings,” the housing website read.

Residents should bring a dolly, have items in boxes that are easy to carry and decide if all items they’re bringing are necessary, Miller said.

Despite the stress one can expect when moving on-campus during a global pandemic, Miller said she believes the new housing arrangements will be an enjoyable experience for students.

“Also enjoy the experience because this will be the start of a great new adventure in their lives,” Miller said.

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