The Cajuns’ five-game win streak broke after their two-game loss to the Arkansas State Red Wolves. Although Louisiana beat Arkansas State twice back-to-back already this season, Arkansas came back with two wins of their own. The Cajuns’s season record sits at 13-5 and 7-4 in the Sun Belt Conference.

During the first game, Cedric Russell, SBC’s player of the week, got Louisiana on the scoreboard first with a three-pointer assisted by Mylik Wilson. After a series of scoring for the Cajuns, Wilson came in with an incredible steal followed by his own dunk increasing the Cajuns’ lead 22-11.

Next we saw a series of missed opportunities from the Cajuns that cost them their wide lead. Near the end of the first half. Three turnovers, missed shots and fouls let the Red Wolves close the score gap to 38-36.

Russell fired up the second half with two three point shots within the first two minutes of the half, but the Cajuns followed up with more missed opportunities that cost them narrowing their lead. They had a series of fouls, missed free throws and a turnover before the first two minutes. Without surprise, the Red Wolves would take the lead 45-47 with a three-point shot by Markise Davis.

While the lead went back and forth for a few minutes, Marquis Eaton of Arkansas State showed out as he followed with a series of made three pointers, free throws and assists. Eaton solidifies Louisiana’s win streak loss with a dunk assisted by Norchad Omier finalizing the score 95-87

For Louisiana, Dou Gueye had a career high game of 23 points and 14 rebounds with three personal fouls , Russell had 19 with four personal fouls, and Devin Butts had six points with three assists and one steal. The Cajuns had 15 turnovers in total.

For Arkansas State, Eaton also had a career high of 32 points and nine assists, Caleb Fields had 20 points, and Norchad Omier had nine rebounds.

The Cajuns failed to fix the problems they faced in their last game as they lost for a second time against Arkansas State. Louisiana and Arkansas State are 2-2 for the season. During the game against each other in the regular season, the Cajuns, who looked to cut down turnovers and play tighter defense, struggled to stop the Red Wolves from scoring three pointers and keeping up with the Red Wolves speed.

Arkansas State put numbers on the scoreboard first with a two point jumper from Norchad Omier. Cajuns then got on the board as well with a free throw attempt from Theo Akwumba. Arkansas State pushed the ball early as Omier came up with a dunk assisted by Marquis Eaton putting the score 1-4.

After a steal from Butts, who switched to a starting position this game, Russell came up with a three-pointer assisted by Akwuba giving Louisiana the lead 9-7. The Cajuns, doing what worked, repeated steps as Butts made another steal assisting Russell for another three pointer. Here we saw Russell, Butts, Gueye, and Harper lose momentum after a series of misses and a turnover for a three-point shot by Felts of Arkansas State giving them the lead 14-16.

The Red Wolves would hold the lead for the rest of the half as they became hot from the three-point line as well as moving the ball around. The first half ends with Arkansas state in the lead 46-29.

Despite the Cajuns being unable to take the lead back in the second half, Russell came up with 18 points in the second half as well as Wilson with eight points and two assists.

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