I know that correlation does not equal causation, but almost every single LGBT person I know is practically obsessed with Halloween. It’s definitely my own favorite holiday; scary movies are my jam, and I’ll take any excuse to eat insane amounts of candy.

If there’s one thing that the histories of both Halloween and the LGBT community share, it’s dressing up. As I discussed in my last article, drag queens have been a large part of the LGBT community for years. They’re known for their often avant-garde makeup looks and outfits that make the character, and, for some people, Halloween is all about the characters and costumes.

Because both passions are so similar in that shared costume aspect, it’s not a stretch to imagine combining the two. What about a Halloween drag show?

If you’re thinking of being the first, you might want to come up with an original idea of your own, because the Boulet Brothers have you beat with their show “Dragula.”

The first episode came out on Halloween of 2016. The full show now consists of three seasons; the third of which is still being released with eight episodes so far and can be seen on Amazon Prime. Season one, which originally aired on YouTube, had nine contestants; season two had 10 and season three continues the trend with 11 contestants.

There won’t be any spoilers about who wins in this article, so if this inspires you to watch the show, don’t stop reading.

Dragula combines the typical drag show performance with the spooky flair of a Halloween costume. It’s reminiscent of RuPaul’s Drag Race smashed with an old school horror movie.

The costumes are always creepy, and usually what seems to be original characters. They often sport unnaturally long nails, body paint, wild wigs and amazing makeup skills. The contestants combine the overdramatic flair of drag with the creepy edge of Halloween in an impressive show of creativity, including their drag names.

Although not every contestant on the show has a spooky name, like Louisiana Purchase from the third season, there are many names that scream Halloween, such as Vander Von Odd from the first season.

The brothers themselves are often sporting spooky looks with big hair and dark outfits that feature pops of red or white. Individually, they’re known as Dracmorda and Swanthula Boulet, and they like to coordinate their looks on the show, which often only adds to the creep factor. What's more unnerving than one creepy figure? Two of them.

These frightful queens only have one thing to be afraid of: elimination from the competition. Winning means a prize, the amount of which increases each season, and the fame and recognition that comes from winning such a well-known show in the drag community.

"Dragula" is a great show for those of you who love Halloween but hate being scared. If you like being on the edge of your seat, a little creeped out, but mesmerized by some great drag performances, you can check out the show on Amazon Prime.

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