We’re here. Our summer is finally over and the semester has begun. We’re finished with our beach hats and traded them in for graduation caps. We’ve taken a deep dive right back into the stresses of school, and it’s just the beginning.

Though school is stressful, your streaming queue doesn’t have to be. Take a load off your mind with these relaxing shows.

Start your streaming off with “The Great British Bake Off.” Unlike American reality shows, the British compete for the satisfaction of winning alone. There’s no prize teased, no money on the line, no sob stories laced in with each contestant. It’s baking for the love of baking. These lovely creations are sure to ease the tensions right out of you. Just be sure to keep a few snacks handy in case you get hungry.

Next, fall in love with our planet all over again with David Attenborough and “Planet Earth.” The show takes a biome for each episode, exploring the wildlife through their day-to-day activities. The show is visually stunning and able to tell incredible climate stories using the world around it. Be on the lookout for the dancing bears in the series; they are the best.

So you’re right and relaxed and looking for your next venture, time to transition into “Queer Eye.” Get those tissues ready and prepare yourself for the transformation show of a lifetime. Where other “makeover” shows might only tackle one aspect of people’s lives, “Queer Eye” takes on a total transformation each episode. From hair, wardrobe, food and everything between, “Queer Eye” will hit you right in the feels.

If you’re looking for a good laugh after a long day of grueling classes, try “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Sure, it’s usually incredibly offensive, but sometimes it’s OK to take a step back and have a laugh at terrible people in even more terrible situations. And at 13 seasons, this show has enough material to keep you laughing throughout the entire semester. No matter what is going on in our college lives, the characters of “Always Sunny” will always give you a good laugh.

Book money has you short on funds? Turn on Twitch, a free stream platform for gaming, and watch thousands of different people stream. Try out an art stream if you’re feeling stressed, or become immersed in hilarious “Grand Theft Auto V” roleplay. Not really a gamer? No problem. The Twitch platform lends itself to beginners and pros alike. Start out by following Kitboga, Vader, Lara6683 and MsAshRocks.

Last but not least, we come to ultimate relaxation — “The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross. Let Ross sooth your every worry away as he creates the fluffiest of clouds, streams and mountains. Just be sure to have your blanket and pillow ready in case Ross’ voice puts you to sleep.

Whether you’re starting your first semester or finishing this December, remember to take a little time for yourself. We’re all susceptible to burnout if we forget to take care of our mental health. So fire up those streams and watch away.

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