Covid School

The problems of returning to on-campus classes in the middle of another spike in COVID-19 cases vastly outweigh the benefits of going.

There has been a recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Louisiana. Common sense would tell us it is because everyone got together for the holidays and let their guard down for that time.

Cases have since skyrocketed all across the state. Mardi Gras parades, a staple of Louisiana tradition, have even been canceled. But the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is still like, “Y’all still coming to class?”

Now, I understand that nursing students have to go on campus and practice the skills that they need when treating a patient. But these other old school teachers who just refuse to go online because they “hate technology” are honestly the most infuriating thing. 

I can’t speak for other students, but if I have five classes total, and one is on campus and the rest are online, I am skipping the one on campus as much as possible. I am a lazy person and if I can choose not to get up and drive to Lafayette for one class that could easily be online I will. 

I watched it happen last semester in my on-campus history class. On the first day of class, everyone was there; after that, the only time we had full attendance was for the final. Attendance dropped each day because it was on the fifth floor of Griffin Hall and for most of us was the only on-campus class. 

Some students might fear this virus because they live with an elderly guardian and do not want them to contract it. But the class they need is only on-campus because a teacher refuses to adapt to the situation because technology is bad and scary. Then they go try to complain to the university about this problem to try to get it changed, but you might as well talk to the wall. God forbid UL Lafayette tries to make life easier for their students.

Again, I understand the necessity of some classes being on-campus. I am talking about these other classes that can be online, but it feels like the teacher makes no effort to help us out. I understand the difficulty of using the internet and trying to use websites like Moodle or even make a Zoom meeting. I had to do all of those things over the break, and I struggled with it, but I still got it done and was willing to try. 

That’s really all we are asking for from teachers and UL Lafayette, just try to help us out a little bit. We all have a lot going on right now and worrying about making it to class so we do not lose a letter grade should not be one of them.  

A lot of us have lost our jobs, family members and friends due to this virus and I would hope that the University that I represent would be more empathetic to this situation the entire world is in.  

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