The Ragin’ Cajuns men’s basketball team has kept their momentum alive as they achieved another victory in their two-game series against the Texas State Bobcats. This series followed another just a week before against Arkansas State. This resulted in two wins for Louisiana. The two conference wins will keep the Ragin’ Cajuns at No. 1 in standing for the Sun Belt West.

During the first game in the series, Forward Theo Akwumba set the pace with a dunk assisted by Guard Mylik Wilson. With the first points on the board coming from Louisiana, plays from Guard Cedric Russel and Forward Dou Gueye kept Louisiana in the lead for most of the game, only losing the lead once at 37-38. Guard Mason Harrell of Texas State made a two-point shot to take the lead. Harrell played for 38 minutes and made 14 points with three assists. 

At this point, both teams failed to capitalize on opportunities to score until Russel buried a two-pointer taking the lead back 39-38. While Russel shot 3-8 in three-pointers, he put up 21 points and 5 rebounds. As for Gueye, the Forward received 10 rebounds as well as 11 points of his own.

Louisiana would move on to beat Texas State 62-60 in a close scored game, redeeming themselves from the two teams’ previous game against where the score was not as close, 71-59.

The team’s fourth matchup was an even closer game where Louisiana won 74-73. The game was played on Jan. 30, just one day after the two team’s previous game.

 Louisiana maintained the lead until Marlin Davis of Texas State made a three-point shot, tying the game 25-25. Here, Gueye proceeded to miss a shot only to be recovered by Guard Ty Harper, who then turned the ball over where Texas State scored again with a three-pointer setting the score 25-28. On the possession, Louisiana tied it back up with a three-pointer by Guard Devin Butts.

Butts, who is listed as a bench player, played for 24 minutes and had 18 points with 1 monumental steal to win the game. With 0.4 seconds left to play, Butts stole an inbound pass from Texas State where he continued to make a layup giving Louisiana the game-winning point at 74-73. Butts has had one steal in the last three games he played.

With 13 turnovers and six offensive rebounds, Louisiana played a close-knit but came up with their third win against the Texas State Bobcats.

With the two wins over Texas State, Louisiana continued their winning streak of five games all being Sun Belt Conference games. Not only did the Cajuns continue their streak, but they broke Texas State's five conference wins as well. We will see the Ragin’ Cajuns men's basketball team play again this Friday and Saturday in another back-to-back two game series against the previously beaten opponent, Arkansas State.

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