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Cajuns 'Rocket League' tests out new teams in Summer series

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Three on-the-spot Louisiana “Rocket League” teams competed in the first qualifier for the Collegiate Carball Association’s Summer series on Sunday, June 9.

Out of all three — the Cajuns Red, Cajuns Black and Cajuns Alumni teams — none were able to advance beyond the qualifier. Cajuns Red finished 0-2, Cajuns Black finished 1-2, and the Cajuns Alumni team finished 2-2. The alumni team, the closest team to making it out, was two wins away from advancing.

One of the players for the Cajuns “Rocket League” team, Jansen Ledet, said he was not too worried about not being able to make it past the first qualifier.

Not only will the teams have a second chance on Thursday, but Ledet sees the Summer series as more of a trial run for different team compositions, especially considering incoming freshman are eligible to play in the series.

“(The CCA Summer series) is a big thing for the summer, but it’s not super important that we make it. It’s kind of mixing and matching teams to see what we should go with going into the fall.”

What happened on Sunday was only the first of two qualifiers for the Summer series, and the 32 teams to make it through the double elimination bracket from each qualifier advance to the next round of the series, the play-ins.

The Cajuns were put in a bit of a rush to assemble their teams for the Summer series, as its dates were announced only eight days before the first qualifier.

“We knew that CCA was going to do something during the summer; CCA does something for every season,” Ledet added. “So, we knew it was coming, they just hadn’t announced it yet, and over the summer people just have different time frames, so getting people to practice was kind of weird.”

Because they were put on such short notice, the teams did not have much time to practice, as they were assembled only days before the first qualifier. There were also several players who were not able to play with the team due to preexisting time commitments such as work, but Ledet said the full teams should be able to play in the second qualifier.

Ledet described how assembling multiple teams on short notice, especially during the summer, was tricky in its own way.

“They kind of randomly announced (the Summer series),” Ledet said. “We had like a good week to figure out the team, but it was kind of weird because a lot of the people we had in the fall either graduated or weren’t able to play, so it was all over the place.”

Ledet added the team has work to do if they want to live up to their previous success stories, but he has faith they can get there.

“For the fall I definitely think we’ll be pretty good,” Ledet said. “I don’t know if we’ll be as good as we were last fall, we’ll still have to put more time in to get the synergy going between all the players because a lot of them haven’t played before, but we could definitely get back to where we were for sure.”

The Cajuns “Rocket League” may be switching around further, but their second qualifier will be on Thursday.

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