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Nine Ragin’ Cajun football players were out of gameplay this past weekend. The nine unidentified players were quarantined due to COVID-19 risks from positive tests and contract tracing from last week and this week’s testing results.

“Our streak has ended … so a handful of players will be out,” said Head Coach Billy Napier.

Napier also clarified that none of the players were out due to playing in the Iowa State game.

“They’re teenagers. Reality is they’re going to make some bad decisions at times, as simple as going to pick up drive-thru and eating together in the car. That would be an example of a costly mistake on our part. Gotta continue to stay focused, and realized that this is part of the rules. If you’re a competitor, you want to do everything you can do to win. You’ve got to make decisions relative to COVID-19 to win, ” said Napier.

The nine players did not travel to the Georgia State game. The names of the players are unknown, due to HIPAA laws.

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