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Over the last week and a half, there have been defenses, debates and all other sorts of back and forth on the impeachment of the president. Naturally, it didn't come to full fruition with the Senate vote, meaning Donald Trump is still your president. Whether that's a good thing or bad thing is subjective, but the discourse we saw during this whole debacle isn’t. There were definitely mistakes made, and I'd like to outline why some of these are particularly foreboding.

I wasn't a fan of the Ukrainian decision on the president's part. The word usage, the threat, all of it. I distinctly remember in another article how I said there aren't any good ways to spin this and I believed it. I was passive on whether he should be impeached for it, but now I take a stance. I agree, under the current metric for which we impeach presidents, that it should have been done.

“Woah, Brett, this is the conservative article. Isn't that like, totally wrong dude?” Thanks for noting that surfer guy. I'd like to speak on that. How many of your family members despise Democrats just because they're Democrats? Or maybe it's the other way around; maybe you despise Republicans because they're a member of some made-up party.

I can't tell you how much disdain I have for party lines. Well, this is an Allons column, so I can. I have supreme disdain. I bought the premium Snapchat of people who have disdain for party lines. I … well I shouldn't go on. There is nothing about voting for your specific party that does anyone any good. That's exactly what happened at the impeachment hearing and at the Senate trial. We started this impeachment process for a reasonable cause, but the intentions were despicable. The venom I hear in a Democrat or progressive’s voice when I talk about Republicans or vice versa is dangerous and too often seen.

I get it. I get why it's become like this. It's ritualistic, really. People flock to those they have a kinship with, and an entire political party is a strong kinship. A natural process, destined to happen but depressing. The great divide is so vitriolic now it's dangerous to even cross. It’s poisonous to betray your party.

Sorry to say it, but the old guys aren't changing. The mindset they have has been forged for years under molten words and the hammer of getting re-elected. Instead, let's just let them go. Let Bernie Sanders and Mitch McConnell go. They've had their time, and the only way to progress is to make new. To molt the layer of visceral fights that we've had before and combine in an ideal way. A civilized way.

What I am saying is, that's a utopia. We can't all agree on the same thing and we surely can't agree on the bigger things. Abortion, immigration, foreign aid. These things are big and affect more people than just you and me. They all set the precedent for the free world and even some level of hope for the controlled. It is important, I agree with that, but at least giving the other side a listen couldn't hurt. If it does, don't be so sensitive. If it makes you angry, don't be so callous. If it makes you feel like you're smarter than them, don't be so pompous. Make smart decisions out there. The election’s coming up.

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