The Athletic Department of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has partnered with Leadership Academy to create the Geaux Lead Academy. 

This partnership is an attempt to give student-athletes opportunities that benefit them as well as their community. These opportunities will teach student-athletes about civic leadership within their communities, local politics, career networking and leadership skills.

The Leadership Institute of Acadiana said it is, “the flagship program of the Leadership Institute of Acadiana and boasts many of the region’s most distinguished leaders as program graduates.” 

The program has existed for 30 years, but now expands directly with the athletic department of UL Lafayette and continues through the spring 2021 semester.

 “This is a tremendous opportunity for our student-athletes to gain invaluable insights into local and state leadership, as well as develop tools and networking relationships that will serve them and our community for a lifetime," Director of Athletics at UL Lafayette Bryan Maggard said.

The partnership is in effort to teach civic leadership to student-athletes. 

“Participants will be exposed to various perspectives, engage in dialogue, analyze the effectiveness of policies, and develop informed perspectives on vital public issues,” the Leadership Institute of Acadiana stated.

 Not only will the participants become involved within topics that affect their community, but they will also learn the history. They will get the chance to look at how community issues begin and how they are intertwined with other issues.

They also will get the chance to network their careers. 

“Mentorship sessions and CEO roundtables will occur on a monthly basis, allowing student-athletes an opportunity to gain invaluable leadership skills and build a network that will serve them for the remainder of their professional careers,” Ragin Cajuns Geaux Lead said. 

With these skills provided through Geaux Lead, student-athletes will gain insight into their career field and gain possible job opportunities.

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