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Students mourn loss of resident campus cat

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As the spring semester came rolling to an end, cat-loving students, including myself, grieved the loss of a fluffy black cat who lived behind Billeaud Hall.

On April 3, University of Louisiana at Lafayette student Dianna Milliern posted a notice where the cat lived. Milliern wrote that the cat was euthanized because of illness and weakness from old age.

“After discussing it with other campus cat lovers, we decided to go with euthanasia as no one could home her nor had the money for treatment. We all gathered at the office and gave her a comfortable farewell,” the notice read.

Milliern also left pictures of the cat and copies of her paw print for students to take. She said many students took what she left out, leading her to believe a lot of students visited the cat often. I now have one of the pictures displayed in my car.

“I had put out those printed copies of her paw print and her picture. I printed out 18 of them, 18 of each. Within a few days at least 10 of (the paw prints) were missing, so I know that a lot of people knew her,” Milliern said.

Milliern said she remembers the cat as a sweet and loving companion. I remember as a daily source of happiness and comfort.

“I loved sitting by her. She would sometimes come sit by me and rub against me. Sometimes I would put catnip on the ground and she would roll around in it and it was really funny,” Milliern.

Milliern said the cat suffered from a feline form of HIV that isn’t easily spread to humans or other cats. This meant that the cat’s immune system was very weak.

“Because of her condition, (the veterinarian) would have to run all kinds of tests on her and keep her hospitalized, which would probably put a lot of stress on her. It would also cost a lot of money,” Milliern said.

Milliern said, before deciding to euthanize the cat, she reached out to other students.

“I went into the GroupMe of the people who are currently forming Campus Cats (now known as Ragin’ Rescue) and asked them what they wanted to do. We all discussed it and decided on euthanization,” Milliern said.

Milliern said the students came to visit the cat at the veterinarian’s office.

“We waited for all of them to come to the vet office to visit her,” Milliern said.

Milliern said she comforted the cat as she fell asleep.

“I got to pet her while she was sedated and while they put in the euthanasia thing. They took her out and decided to have her cremated. They have a garden for cremated animals and they put her ashes over that,” Milliern said.

Milliern said that, although the cat had no official name, she and her fiancé referred to the cat as “Miyuki” after a fluffy cartoon cat.

I always called her “Agnes.”

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