According to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s COVID-19 dashboard on Monday, Oct. 5 at 6:26 p.m., there were seven new confirmed COVID-19 cases during the week of Sept. 27, bringing the total of confirmed cases among students, faculty and staff at UL Lafayette to 133.

The fall 2020 semester has persistently presented many challenges for students across the country. As a result, some universities have discounted tuition prices to accommodate students. Certain University of Louisiana at Lafayette students are asking the same of their university.

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CORRECTION: The Vermilion incorrectly stated the university does not require students and faculty to report positive COVID-19 tests. The university does require students and faculty to report if they test positive, but they can’t enforce this, according to Senior Communications Representativ…

If you happen to notice a little blue and gold interspersed amongst the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus’ customary vermilion and white, it isn’t the changing fall colors. This week, UL Lafayette welcomed 42 McNeese State University (MSU) students while their campus and community …

Michael Allen Woods, a junior who lived in Huger Hall, said he thought he was well-informed when it came to what things were open and closed to students, but he wished they were more informative on confirmed University of Louisiana at Lafayette COVID-19 cases.

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