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Condolences, Amendments come to the floor at this week's SGA meeting


The Student Government Association held their weekly meeting on Monday, April 1.

First, on the list of announcements, SGA announced their Meet the Candidates event. The event will be held on the Union Porch on April 4. At the event, free cupcakes and blue books will be handed out to students.

SGA also passed two condolences to be sent out to the families of Leonard Wiltz and Lynn Williams. With the condolences passed, SGA sends their solidarity during the difficult times for both families.

Three resolutions were introduced this week as well. The first, Resolution No. 13 sponsored by Secretary of Executive Affairs Jacob LeMeunier, dealt with the choosing of a new mascot by the university and SGA’s involvement with choosing a new mascot.

The resolution states — “Whereas students are the primary consumers and therefore backbone of this university and deserve a say in the creation and choice of the new mascot.”

Resolution No. 13 was moved to the Athletics Committee to be debated upon further.

The next resolution, Resolution No. 14, was sponsored by Sen. Rex Jones and deals with safety on campus.

If passed, this resolution, which was moved to the Campus Affairs and Sustainability Committee, would recommend improvements to the lighting in EK Long and Billeaud lots. Given that students use both lots at night, this could help with campus safety.

The last resolution, Resolution No. 15, also put forth by Jones seeks to put numbers to the trends of tuition increases as well as fee increases.

The resolution states that, according to the College’s Board survey of 2017, the state of Louisiana has seen the highest rate of tuition and fee increase. In order to help students plan financially for said cost increases, this resolution would begin an investigation into the matter.

If passed, “any such information attained as a result of this inquiry be published to the Student Government Association,” according to the text of the resolution.

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