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There are three floors in the library; the first and third floors are too chaotic or too creepy respectively. The first floor, or as I call it, “the zoo,” has no noise limit. You can be as loud as you want. If you and a friend each want to bring a megaphone and talk to each other from opposite ends of the first floor you have all the freedom to do so. However, if you are trying to cram for a final and someone decides to do that, you won’t get much studying done. I have personally tried to study on the first floor of the library and I could not even hear myself think. It was almost as if students had their backpacks, notebooks and pens hooked up to an ASMR microphone because everything was loud. It was the first time in my life I felt assaulted by noise. I am sure some students can study on the first floor of the library. I just do not think it is the best, but it definitely is not the worst.

The third floor is most likely the worst place to study not only in the library but the entirety of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s campus. This floor is strictly silent — no noise at all. If you breathe too loud, or God forbid you sneeze, you get nasty looks. Not only that, but it isn't very well lit on that floor, so it makes it ungodly creepy. Also, the books and bookshelves look like they were used as props in a horror film about a haunted library. Again from personal experience, I have tried to study on this floor. I felt like every time I turned a corner Jigsaw from the “SAW” movies would be sitting there with his little tricycle asking me if I wanted to play a game. If you can study on the third floor you deserve a 4.0 GPA strictly for bravery.

The second floor of the library is for small groups or individual studying as well as minimum noise. Students go to the second floor and find a nice little area to do their studying and leave and no one bothers them. Except for their friends or someone in their class so there are minimal distractions when studying for whatever class. Now I get that if a friend comes along there’s going to be some antics going on, but any good friend would make sure you know your material.

The second floor is not only volume-controlled, but it has tools to help students study, and also 9/10 times, it has little to no students on it. Which as an introvert panders directly to me. There are whiteboards and a little computer lab right when you get off the elevator. Yes, I know the first floor also has these amenities but again it is a zoo down there so it is first come first serve and you have to talk over the noise and have someone sitting near or around you on the first floor.

The second and third-floors don’t have a lot of people on them so it is perfect if you want to get away and do your own thing while studying. However in my opinion I am too paranoid and creeped out by the third floor to get quality studying done. I am much more comfortable watching “Crash Course” or looking at my Quizlet in peace on the second floor.

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