Keep it Simple

There is chaos all around you. Our university is a ghost town, the mall feels like something out of an apocalyptic TV show, and family events feel like everything is off. Like there's no way to get close or closer than six feet.

The world is changing rapidly, and it's tiring to live through so many historical events. 

Our president tried to retake his presidency, Black Lives Matter took front and center and we played a game of I Spy with who we thought were aliens but were actually artists. 

Yes, things are changed, and no, they won't go back to the way they were. We operate under an entirely new normal and it's something that our generation especially will have to grow accustomed to. 

But there's a way you can help yourself, a way that I've found helps me, and that's to keep things simple. 

Drink, have fun, take a walk and breathe in the fresh air, make a smoothie, go out to a park, create something, work on what needs to be fixed right away. Be simple and your life will mold into simplicity. 

Being simple is something that's always gotten a bad rap. A simpleton is someone who's not very bright, and simple isn't the first descriptor people look to earn. 

Well, it should be. 

Suffice it to say, Occam may have been onto something. If we can find a way to simplify our lives, we may be able to mentally survive all this. Get past this nationwide, or even worldwide, depression. 

Go for a walk and clear your head. If you've got a significant other, be kind and focus on them. Call your friends whom you haven't seen and set up a board game day. These don't sound like simple things, but they are because I say them simply and plainly. They are things to be done and will be done, and you or I will do them. 

Simple is more than just a description; it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is personally essential to survival in these very complex times. 

Even if the virus hasn't particularly affected you, like you catching it or losing someone to it, we all feel it. When our glasses fog up because the mask blocks our breath, or when the manager of a restaurant yells at us to get out because of the maximum occupancy. Our friends who wanted to be chefs have turned career fields, our grandparents have—mostly—figured out Zoom. 

There is a cultural and social shift that may give the nation whiplash if we don't do something about it. I know that I've struggled in the last year, and I'm assuming quite a few readers have as well. My advice, and what saved me, is to keep things simple. Don't just do them simply, feel them simply. Don't beat a thought into submission by overthinking, just let the thoughts flow as they may. If things change, ride the wind. If someone wants to be friends then reach out and become friends. 

It isn't that hard to be a simple person, it's just not our normal. In a world of instant gratification and fast living and constant forms of entertainment, being simple is anything but what you're likely to do. And that's why I think it's so powerful. 

Stay simple folks, and we'll be alright.


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