“I was born with a crazy gift that I believe God gave to me, and when I realized that I wasn’t crazy, I started using my gift to help find the missing and the murdered.”

A psychic is someone who claims to have extrasensory perception. The reality behind psychics and their gifts has been debated for years. In the spirit of the season, I decided to visit a local psychic, not only to hear my story, but to hear hers as well.

April, also known as the Cajun Medium, is a widely recognized psychic medium who operates primarily in Lafayette and surrounding areas. While she does read Tarot cards and communicates with those who have passed, April also works with the police, claiming to have solved 27 cases in the last two years. For this reason, April did not share her last name. The Lafayette Police Department declined to comment.

When working on a police case, April said the police typically give her their clues, and she uses her gift to find the victim. She solved her first case with a nursery rhyme: “Over the river and through the woods.”

Originally, April said she would have to seek out cases. She would see a missing person’s sign and reach out to the family, looking to help. Over time, she’s become more broadly recognized, and the cases now come to her.

“Oftentimes I have to go out there and put my feet on the ground. If I put my feet on the ground where someone was taken, I sense and see it all,” she said.

April is a physical medium. While other mediums’ gifts involve seeing or hearing things, April feels things.

“If they were shot in the head, I will feel where the gun was pointed on their head,” April said. “I can tell the difference between a hanging and strangulation, because I can feel the fingers on my neck.”

April said she can also feel sickness in those close to her. When someone she knows is sick, she feels their symptoms without knowing whose symptoms they are. She also claims to see cancer in people, and occasionally certain things like heart attacks, before they happen. Often, April has to find out whose sickness she’s feeling, and pray for them, before she herself can feel better.

This gift doesn’t exclusively apply to sicknesses, however. She said when someone relatively close to her is pregnant, she typically wakes up every morning with morning sickness, and it doesn’t end until she figures out who is pregnant. She even claims to be able to tell how many children someone will have, just by looking at them.

April said she first discovered her abilities when she was about 4 years old, adding she would see something and just know things about it. For instance, even as a child, April said she would look at weather forecasts about a hurricane and know where it would end up, just by looking at the map.

However, April did not start working with her gift until years later. At such a young age, she did not understand her abilities.

“I took lots of antidepressants, antidepressants kill it,” April said. “I started when I was about fifteen, and I didn’t stop for about twenty years. When I finally did stop, I realized I wasn’t crazy. I did know what that guy in traffic had for breakfast, and that his coffee tasted like caramel because my mouth tastes like caramel right now watching him drink his coffee.”

April then decided to start working with her gift instead of against it.

“I was driving in my car one day and saw a missing kids poster and I thought ‘Oh I wish I could use my gift to help,’ and all of a sudden my throat was being slashed, and I was in the woods being murdered; the most horrific murder,” she said.

Although the police found the bodies first, April said she was about five feet off from solving her first case.

As for her business, April does both Tarot readings and mediumship. For Tarot card readings, April tells her clients their past, present and future, all the while giving them guidance and explanations. Mediumship is a bit different.

“I look at their picture of a person that’s passed and connect with their eyes, because the eyes really are the window to the soul,” April said. “And then it just starts flowing through my body. I feel what they felt and what they want the person in front of me to know.

“It’s kind of like grabbing a lightning bolt, though,” she added. “I can only stay connected so long, and then I’m sick or drained. I can do twenty Tarot card readings without feeling drained, but I can only do about two mediumship appointments in one day.”

Finally, we began what I had been anticipating: my Tarot reading. April started with prayer, and then began shuffling the cards. Occasionally, one would fall out, and before I could wonder if this was due to clumsiness, she answered my question.

“That’s what they do, I read the ones that fall out, but I have to shuffle them four times before I can read them.”

As each one fell out, she would arrange them in a line. My interest spiked when I realized there was no ordering of the cards. She did not take time arranging them. She simply put them in line as soon as they fell out as if they were falling into order themselves.

April would occasionally glance at a card as it fell, and would let out an “oh gosh.” This had me sitting on the edge of my seat, anticipating the story she was about to tell me.

“Oftentimes people come to me so that I can fuss at them, and I feel like I have to fuss at you,” said April. “I don’t like having to fuss at people on their first reading, I’m sorry. But oftentimes I pray that God sends me the people that need to hear the message most.”

She began her explanations, and after each card, I became more and more bewildered by the accuracy of her reading. She was mentioning things in my recent past that were spot-on, and not overly vague. However, as any newcomer to the metaphysical would be, I still had some doubts.

The defining moment of our session was when I asked April to help me communicate with my grandmother who passed away last year. The first thing she told me sent chills down my spine.

“She keeps showing me the inside of your car, I don’t know why. Do you drive really bad? Maybe she’s telling you to be careful,” she said.

“It was her car,” I said. At this moment, how could I doubt April’s abilities?

After that chilling moment, April told me what my grandmother wanted me to hear, and that she is always with me, on my right.

When I first arrived, I was afraid I would leave feeling even more doubt than before. But as I drove away, I couldn’t ignore the feeling that my grandmother was there with me in the passenger seat.

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