Halloween on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus is something to look forward to in these unpredictable times.

I am excited for all of the new freshmen, because they get to experience it for the first time. I am not the biggest fan of Halloween, but I still look forward to the experience on campus each year.

UL Lafayette is a different breed when it comes to Halloween; it is almost like a different place because it seems like everyone, including teachers, loves this holiday. I have been going to school here since 2016 and many students go all out on their costumes.

Taylor Lannie, who also started at UL Lafayette in 2016 and is a first year grad student in the Master of Business Administration program, said, “It is something to look forward to when you get to walk between classes and spot someone who is fully dressed in costume. Makes you smile a little bit that they wanted to bring the holiday spirit to campus.”

It is truly a great time to be on campus because it is a nice change of pace to just going to class, studying, and obviously stressing about your classes. The stress is still there, it just shifts to stress about looking at your phone then looking up to see a ghost nun you are about to run into and scares the pants off of you. That’s why I recommend wearing shorts that day.

Lannie references that the costumes can bring smiles and joy to students. For example I failed a test on Halloween in Biology. I walked out of class and saw a duo dressed as Spongebob and Patrick and they were doing a little dance. You show me someone who says that won’t make them even a little bit happy and I’ll show you a liar.

Meredith Doucet, a first semester senior, said, “I’ve never seen a person not enjoy the costumes on campus, some of the professors also participate which makes it so much fun to go to class.”

Doucet continued by saying that not only is it beneficial with making student life more cheerful, but I have had at least one teacher each semester offer bonus points for showing up to class dressed up. I have seen a teacher offer 20 bonus points if students showed up to class dressed up as something related to class.

Then obviously there is candy being passed out all around campus. Sometimes people will hang out by the bus stop with buckets of candy to pass out to students coming off the bus. My second Halloween on campus, my English teacher loved Halloween and gave me a massive ziploc bag of candy to share with the other students that went to class that day and we got bonus points.

Campus is most likely everyone’s least favorite place to be on any other day. But on Halloween everything changes and it becomes a wonderland of treats and bonus points. Like I said I just showed up while everyone skipped class and got bonus points and candy. Even if you don’t get candy or bonus points you could still help a student having a rough day by just having a great costume and putting a smile on people’s faces.

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