H blvd

The construction on Hebrard Boulevard will make life a lot easier for the people who use it.

The plan for the construction is to make Hebrard wider and increase safety for drivers and, by default, pedestrians.

For those who do not know where Hebrard is, it is basically the heart of campus. It is located between the Quad and the Student Union, across the street from the library. So it sees a lot of traffic.

It is also between East St. Mary Street and East University Avenue, two high-traffic roads in Lafayette. The main complaint about Hebrard, though, since it has a lot of traffic is that it is too narrow. 

If you have ever driven down Hebrard you know the parking situation is parallel parking only. The road is very narrow, and I get filled with anxiety just looking at it. Parking there is a chore and a half.

I used to drive a Chevrolet Silverado extended bed, which is a long and wide truck. If you think I am parallel parking in that phone booth of a street, cancel that thought right now.

Aside from the vehicular traffic, Hebrard has a lot of students who use it because, again, it is by many of the places students frequent. Making it wider will benefit students as well as it will lead to an increase of crosswalk flow from the quad to the Student Union. 

Both the Union and the quad have an abundance of students populating those areas at any given time. With Hebrard being in the middle of the two locations there are a lot of pedestrians.

Walking across Hebrard was fairly unsafe in my own experiences. Most of the time when I would get there a car was stopped at the light and I would just cross no problem. 

But away from the light, there is a little section to walk across. Sometimes it was hard to see a car coming because it blended in with the parked cars and you can see the problem there. Making Hebrard wider will fix the problem of not being able to see oncoming cars.

At first, I thought they were just repaving it to make it smoother but to find out that they are making it wider excites me. Saying I am honestly excited about this project is weird to some people. I have been picked on a good bit just talking about it with my friends. 

But it excites me and it has tons of benefits for students and non-students. I definitely look forward to the finished product.

Hopefully, the weather and any other obstacle they meet are easily overcome and we get Hebrard 2.0 soon enough.

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