Mission Statement

The Vermilion has served as The University of Louisiana at Lafayette's weekly student paper

since 1904. The newspaper has been a weekly publication since its inception. The Vermilion is

produced on Monday evenings and distributed across campus and local businesses on

Wednesdays when class is in session, as well as two-to-three times over the summer.

From editorial decisions to gathering news, The Vermilion is maintained by over 25 UL Lafayette

students. As a student publication, The Vermilion's first obligations are to the student body and

the pursuit of truth. Vermilion reporters are charged with educating the student body and

Lafayette community on the university community's affairs, as well as hold the public

institution's administration accountable in the successes (or failures) of the university.

Staff positions are open to any UL Lafayette student enrolled in six hours or more of university

credit hours who are in good standing with the university. Vacancies occur throughout the year,

especially in the summer months. The editor and business manager of The Vermilion are

selected by The Communications Committee, a University of Louisiana at Lafayette entity

composed of multiple students and faculty members. All other editorial positions are appointed

by the editor.

This organization will adhere to all policies and regulations of the University of Louisiana at

Lafayette and the University of Louisiana System. Specifically, this organization will adhere to all

policies and regulations set forth by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, University of

Louisiana System, and State legislature regarding Hazing. The policy regarding Hazing can be

found here:


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Editorial Staff 

Editor-in-Chief: Melissa Watson

Web and Content Manager: John roman

Design Manager: Cole Broussard

News Director: David Reed

Sports Editor: Lachelle Smith

Allons Editor: Morri Sampey

Photo Coordinator: Brian Tran

Digital Media: Brianne Hendricks

Business Manager: Seth Savell

Copy Editor: Jami Jacobo


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