On March 2, the Student Government Association met to talk about The University of Louisiana System Day, the student retention rate and the threat of Coronavirus, among other things.

President Rachel Lautigar began the meeting talking about UL System Day.

“(We do this) so that all the legislatures from all of these different universities can be reminded of the students they serve,” Lautigar said.

A part of UL System Day is having a service project. This year, it is called The Children’s Defense Fund, which involves donating gently used or new necessary school supplies.

Coronavirus was also a big topic at this meeting. Jonathan Adams, the Treasure of SGA pulled up a graphic of the places and amount of people affected by Coronavirus. The number currently stands at 90,306 people affected worldwide, and, recently, the first case was reported in Houston.

However, there are still no reported cases in Louisiana.

“Don’t be too worried. Just wash your hands,” said Adams.

Additionally, student retention rate is especially low. SGA asked students to keep an eye out and communicate with students who they believe are at risk of dropping out. A loss of enrollment means a loss of money for the university, so students encouraging high school students to apply is recommended.

New amendments were proposed and voted on as well.

The first amendment was “a resolution to appoint members of the Executive Cabinet.” It was voted on unanimously to pass.

The next was “to expand the enfranchisement of the University College’s representative membership.” This was also voted on and agreed upon unanimously.

There was also a commendation towards the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns softball team, in which SGA gave praise for the win of 2 out of 3 games.

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